Our Company
The company
‘G. Bibakis & Co G.P.’
was founded in 2007. It was aiming at
the creation of a whole and
integrated network
that would distribute
high quality, fresh chicken.
While we acknowledge our customers’ need
for a personal relation with our company,
we take action:
  • We visit, at least three times a week all our distribution points
  • We base our network on reliability, respect and trust
Our company is constantly growing and developing new products.
We can now count more than
300 distribution points
around Crete!
Follow us on a journey full of
tasty traditional recipes and guaranteed quality
Our products

We are on a constant journey in order to offer you an exquisite line of products. Our produce is designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers’ wants and needs.

Our aim is to create high quality products within a secure environment and in the same time build personal relations with our clientele.

Fresh chicken
It is important to know that the raw material
you use for your cooking, is a pure, fresh and delicious chicken!

We take good care of our chickens, in establishments that meet with all the quality standards.

One more thing we do is that we choose our collaborators according to strict criteria. Within this framework, we collaborate with Arta’s Agricultural Poultry Cooperative which runs one of the most complete poultry slaughterhouses in Europe.

Hence we can,
guarantee the best taste
but also the quality of
our chickens!


While collecting experience and know-how, we decided that we were ready to make a step forward: get involved with the primary sector and offer a range of exquisite dairy products..

That is how we met with two young and passionate dairy producers, Saridakis Vangelis and Theriakis Giorgos, from the Zaros village in Crete.

Together, we are charting a way of traditional recipes, pure ingredients and passion, in order to offer you a range of remarkable dairy products.

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Industrial Area,
Theta Street,
P.O. 71409
Heraklion Crete


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